Laughing Gas: A Treatment For Depression?

For the past 150 years nitrous oxide has been used in the fields of medicine and dentistry as an anesthetic. However, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine i (MORE)
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Can Parental Stress Help Develop Their Child's Resilience?

Early childhood trauma can be a double-edged sword in the future development of the child. Emotional reactions to early traumatic events can lead to psychiatric illnesses such (MORE)

Does Playing Violent Video Games Daily Increase The Risk For Depression?

For many years researchers have focused on the link between playing violent videos and aggressive behavior. Research on watching a model act aggressively and the impact this h (MORE)

Sounding Depressed?

Researchers at the University of Maryland are focusing on the vocal characteristics of depression and looking at how to measure the quality of voice patterns when moods change (MORE)

Did You Know Teen Personalities Can Change?

A brief intervention may help to reduce the risk of depression in teenagers.Adolescence is a highly volatile time in life. More than one in four teenagers have symptoms of dep (MORE)